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* Wiconi: Lakota word meaning "Life"


How to get through Mother's Day when you're grieving your mother 

We have a tendency to want to avoid grief, or to eliminate it all together, particularly around the holidays. This is understandable as grief can be quite deep, penetrating and painful. When we talk about the loss of Mother, this can be even more so. Yet, some of us have indeed lost our mothers and this is indeed a reason to mourn, to grieve, and to feel pain. Perhaps allowing ourselves to feel the depth, to grieve, to cry, to be sad is okay. Sometimes allowing our feelings, even though traditionally considered "negative" can be the best thing for our own self-care. This self-care is important as we journey through the process of living without Mom, and this is particularly important around mother-based holidays, including her birthday and even her death anniversary. These may be times when we need to schedule the day off work and spend time doing what fills our own hearts. Reading, napping, spending time in nature ... anything that gets us back into living in our hearts. Even when that heart is sad, it's worth paying attention to.